Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So, a blog I set up in 2005,
and I finally get around to posting to it.


Such is life, I guess. As an introduction, I'm Camwyn (aka Stephen Page) a name I have used online and off (in role-playing and LARPs) for over a decade. I live in NH with my wife, daughters (currently 6 and 8), a roommate, her daughter (also 6), two dogs, two cats, a ferret, a fish tank and several houseplants. I have written poetry off and on for a LONG time, although I will admit it has only been decent for about the last 10 years (unfortunately, most of which has been off-as in not writing). I have done a little of everything work-wise, and more life-wise.

I'm doing this for several reasons, most of which no-one would really care about (so I won't go into it)

Don't expect anything earthshaking, but hopefully entertaining and sometimes educational.