Thursday, August 09, 2007

Well, it's been a while.

I've been kinda a new (unexciting) job working in a factory - whee...

Been working 2nd shift, which has played havoc with my sleep schedule and my life in general...sigh. Work the odd double doesn't help either...ugh...

Haven't had much time to write lately...although the nagging feeling at the back of my head is still there.

Had a nice visit with Eric - my friend who just got married. He and his new wife Emily spent a few days with us. I got to see them in the evenings after work, wish we had had more time.

Also had a nice visit with my sister Beth, who came home from Seattle for a week or so. Swimming, blueberry picking (the wild blueberry pie is AWESOME-thanks Beth!)

On other fronts, Ivy and I have been talking about my going back to school...still intend to start int the spring, although exactly what I want to major in is a BIG question right now...the options on the table are Environmental Planning, English (I hear all my friends saying "YES!") and teaching - perhaps science. Pretty broad, but then I did always kinda consider myself a modern day renaissance man. When the time comes, the decision will be made. In the meantime, enjoy the suspense

Ivy also has a new job, working for a nursing home in Meredith - Golden View. She's not really thrilled about it, but it's a foot in the door. She's looking for something with normal hours nearer home right now (OK, she's sleeping right now, but you know what I mean...)

Her grad school stuff appears to be progressing well...although I'm not sure about the correspondence stuff...she has the books, but I'm at work when she does schoolwork, so I don;t really know. I DO know she had a great time at the residency. made some new friends and such...even had a prof ask her about working on a project together.

On the gaming front, our Friday night game has moved to Saturdays (sorry Chet!) due to my new work schedule. Been watching cartoon/movies with the kids (Nausicaa, Dragons of Fire & Ice, etc) mostly kid stuff (OK, excepting the Studio Ghibli movies...) but some decent gaming ideas floating around in there...we'll see...

Well, Going to take the kids out and check on the garden before I have to get ready for work.


Beth said...

Hey so I went blackberry picking here yesterday, been baking my fingers to the bone today (though not every new recipe to a success, more like diamonds in the rough).
I wrote a poem for my friend at work last night, thought I would send it to you :) It's short;

Your windblown
motorcycle hair
Brings out the color in your

Don't know what they're missin'
But I do.

ps. he wants to be abducted, hence the second verse.

pps. I'm thinking of making a zine full of poems and drawings dedicated to the mullet, what do you think?