Monday, July 02, 2007

Well,'s been almost a month without a post and I've been slowly regaining my sanity. Apologies for anyone who actually takes the time to read this tripe. ;)

I am in Nashville right now, sitting at this nice little cafe called Sam & Zoe's.

Nice little place. Of course, I smoke, so I'm sitting on the deck (ugh...forgot how HOT it is down here!) and I caught this image that has stuck with me, here's what it has become:


Mimus polyglottos

A bird with no song of its own,
it samples and adapts
what it hears around it,
be it other birds,
cars, radios,
or conversations.

From this, it creates
a melody exquisite
and tragic
singing: “I have no words
of my own
but listen, love,
still, I am calling.

In the evening,
they fill the shrubbery
with their beautiful loneliness.

During the day,
they compete with other birds
for food and completion.
Somewhere, there is another,
who hears as I do.

Outside my apartment
there is one who
has learned my neighbor’s
car alarm.
I suspect he sets it off
himself occasionally
to double-check the
pitch and rhythm.

Prolific in the South,
none pay them heed.
Just another drab little

I cannot help but hear
I cannot ignore another poet.

At the café
there is one
who sits on a newsstand
and sings the headlines.

Surely there is a lady out there
who is so enamored of the world.


Michael W. said...

you know I will......
I like this piece's simplicity by the way. you'll probably tell me that it isn't simple at all, but that is fine.

I'd actually like it if you could sort of do a response to my drawing on Friday, April 13, 2007. there is something more I want to get at, but I can't figure it out myself. thought maybe if you were to write something I might have a springboard.

talk soon.


Beth said...

this part;

At the café
there is one
who sits on a newsstand
and sings the headlines. perfect.